No negativity can harm you by doing ​thirupani physically or materialy in 1008 temples.

We were born in this world because our parents did some thirupani in their previous or current life. Otherwise we might born in other lower world.

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In those days Raja Gurus in kingdom advice their kings to do thirupani, thats why we can see temples today in Tamilnadu built by Raja cholan and Pandian. Can we build majestic temple like that today? Atleast we can clean that temple right? But we can only hear people saying that they are busy even to go to temples. Thats the curse and mentality of Kaliyugam who destined to suffer to the extreme in the future.

Do you know no negativity can harm you by doing thirupani physically or materialy in 1008 temples?

The great Sujumunan Maharaja asked Vasistha Maharishi what is the greatest sevvai. Vasisthar answered doing sevvai at ‘padal petra thalangalilum and suyambu lingam thalangalilum’ are the greatest. By doing Othadai Adithal thirupani in temple one can get blessings from the temple angels. This shakti called Isaptha shakti. By cleaning temple and sweep the temple regularly one can get Sathuriyam shakti. With this shakti we can get ever lasting peace, emotional balance and happiness. According to Siddha masters even by just get a touch from someone who are doing regular temple Thirupani can restore your peace and emotional imbalance immediately. By washing temple with water regularly one can get Salangan shakti. If a person with this shakti touch someone, any types of disease will be removed. Thats why elders says, those hands which doing regular cleaning at temple must touch us.

There are many other powerful shaktis and blessings one can get from each types of Aalaya thirupani which only your Guru can teach you. Ask your spiritual group or organization to organize temple thirupani and get immeasurable blessings from the Almighty.

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