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Best herbal medicine for healing of respiratory related diseases. Those who are using inhaler for asthma can usually stop after taking this herbal medicine within one month.

Combination of Adhadhoda vasika.Terminalia chebula,Terminalia bellerica,Pipe longum, Abbies webbiana,Piper nigrum,Zingiber officinale, Emblica officinalis,Myristica fragrans,…all the ingredients which is being the sucess of this medicine makes SWASAMRUTHAM LIQUID the ultimate healing for acute and chronic Bronchitis, Allergy, Sinusities, Eosinophilla, Sneezing, Wheezing, Cold, Cough and Running nose. Selecting of high quality herbs and medicinal ingredients along with the strict traditional way of proper proporationate combination and very scientific process methord is being the sucess of continuing result of SWASAMRUTHAM LIQUID over the last 25 Years.

Contact us @ 6013 3505903 to get 1 bottle of 220 ml for RM30.