Siddha Science & Art Of Living

Vanakam, IKS Academy’s “Science & Art of Living Course – 10 months Program” commencing on 6.8.2020 every Thursday (4 times in a month) from 7 pm to 9 pm at  Brickfields, KL.

In our current situation many of us are losing the essence of life by forgetting our art, science, root, culture & tradition. We were once referred to as the most civilised people and our fore fathers were much respected by all through out the world. So far there was no opportunity nor was there a well versed teacher to teach the actual science & art of living as it is.

Now we have both, the Founder of Indian Knowledge System Academy ( with more than 10 years of experiences teaching Siddha Vaidhiyam, Siddha Yoga, Siddha Astrology and Siddha Ritual related Classes / Workshops / Camps / Publlic Talks, going to conduct a 10 months course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Classes will start on the 1st Thursday of August at Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

Course Content :

Siddha Vaidhiyam

( science of basic herbs and home remedies)
10 classes - 2 hours per class

Siddha Yoga

(science of meditation and yogic understanding of life)
10 classes - 2 hours per class

Siddha Astrology

(science and art of applying astrology in daily life)

10 classes - 2 hours per class

Siddha Rituals

((science of yantra, mantra, tantra, pilgrimage, ritual for gods/goddesses & departed ancestors and techniques to do it by yourself)

10 classes - 2 hours per class


Facilitator :

Vijayakumar Alagappan 

Start from 6th August 2020

Every Thursday (4 times in a month)

Duration :10 months

From 7pm to 9pm

Brickfields, K.L.

Need your Birth Details :

Name/Date/Time/Place of Birth

  • Workshop & Assessment every 2 months once
  • Certificate from Yoga & Ancient Knowledge Academy for every participant who completed the course


- Fees Rm 1200 : Rm 300 to register and Rm 90 per month × 10 months
- Can pay cash or monthly (if possible we encourage you to pay cash).
- For students from 15 years to 21 years Rm 600
- Classes will be conducted in Tamil and notes will be given in English
- Limited Seats only (be early bird to avoid disappointment)

Discover quick and easy ways to control and use the worlds ageless success tools to leave a meaningful and successful life. You are about to explore the secret to wisdom, health, wellness & money mastery. Now you can become a master too.

4th time offering this powerpack course after more then 18 years of research and studies in ‘Indian Knowledge System’ of ancient mystic at South India.

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