Miracles of Eyes

Do you know your eyes are using 3/4 of the energies that you eat ?

Do you know eyes are the most mysterious and powerful organ ?

Do you know eyes are the root cause to attract relationship and wealth ?

Do you know eyes are the most important gate to your spirituality ?

Do you know just by knowing the secrets of eyes human can fix 75% problems that they are facing in today’s world ?

Do you know why Yogis, Siddhas, Nyanis, Rishis and Mahans got the most magnetic,lustrous and illuminous eyes ? Do you know human’s future will be also decided through what they have seen first when born ?

If you were to ask your friends how many times a week they did something to improve the health of their eyes, they’d probably say “none.” Most people pay attention to their eyes only if they have a problem. Yet the hours spent watching TV and working on computers take their toll on eye health. According to Siddha masters, the eyes are one of the most important organs in the body. All five elements play a role in maintaining eye health. Earth governs the muscular part of the eye, fire rules the blood vessels, air governs the color, water dominates the white area, and space controls the tear ducts and channels. Our eyes are our doors to the outside world. It can take those things out only that are there inside. 

Meaning, eyes are the doors to express whatever we contain inside us. If we are lusty, lousy, loving, caring, meditative, the eyes will convey our inner in its own purity. The more “impure” our eyes are the more they will be restless, i.e. it may not be straight looking of the other. The more meditation you do, the more pure is your inside, the more “nothing” you contain inside your inner, the more transparent and lustrous, illuminous, your eyes will be. The more peaceful and unmoving you are from inside, the more stable and sharp/straight/longer your eye contact will be. 

Topic to be discussed

~ science of eyes

~ eyes and spirituality

~ the secrets of Goddess Kamatchi, Goddess Menatchi, Goddess Visalaksi and their eyes

~ eyes of Gandhari of Mahabaratham

~ eyes of Sukracharyar ~ eyes of fish and tiger ~ how to protect eye through food, vegetables, herbs, yoga and rituals

~ how to make your eyes powerful and divine ~ meditation and eyes

~ evil eyes ~ eyes of yogis

~ Lord Surya, temple and darshan

~ eyes and Hand and many other untold secrets of eyes and how to use our eyes to attract relationship, wealth, peace, wisdom and moksham

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