Do you know that there are 4 types of ‘asai’ (desires) and you need to remove 3 types of ‘asaigal’ and the remaining 1 ‘asai’ should be fine to have ?

This will be the first lesson in gurukulam kalvi. If you know this lesson then you will be able to attain perfect health, wealth and wisdom effortlessly in your life.

In life the first play of illusion (mayai) is desire. Desires in one’s heart are bigger then ocean itself.

Lets understand types of desire and the 3 desires that one should remove from the heart for endless peace and happiness.

STAY TUNNED :IKS Public Talk at Ramalingeswarar Temple on Wednesday, 6 July 2022 (7pm to 9pm), RM30 per pax.

Topic to be discussed :
– Greatness of Guru Poornima
– Guru responsible for growth of physical and intelligent
– The play of illusion (Mayai)
– 4 types of desires
– Types of Fasting & benefits
– Mystical secrets of Horse and Elephant’s for health, wealth & wisdom

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